Tuesday, August 12, 2003

And I missed the Bryant Westbrook season ending ruptured achilles, the second time that has happened in his career. I have heard of multiple knee and elbow injuries, but never multiple achilles ruptures. Unbelievable. The loss of Westbrook is a major blow to the defensive back depth, and although the starting positions are strong (Al Harris, Mike McKenzie, Darren Sharper, and Marquis Anderson) the top reserves are now the frequently injured Antuan Edwards and Bhawon Jue, with rookie Chris Johnson thrown into the mix. Westbrook was the best of that bunch. And what the hell was Chukie Nwokorie doing in Monday's practice that led to Craig Nall hyperextending his knee? Nwokorie was going full steam when the offense, including Ahman Green who was assigned to block Nwokorie, wasn't. Mike Sherman chewed out Nwokorie but if Jamal Reynolds can continue to show signs of life, this stunt by Nwokorie might have just cost him his job. This week has been a big set back for the Packers.

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