Monday, August 18, 2003

I blew it and missed the first half against the Cleveland Browns on Friday night. I missed the Packers offense looking good and the defense looking bad.

Third Quarter: The Steves (Warren and Martin) have an impact. Neither one is good enough to start but both are solid depth and a reason why the Packers second team defense looked better against Cleveland's second teamers then the Packers first teamers did against Cleveland's first team. Nice drive single handed by Herbert Goodman, but he still won't make the roster, unless Lamar Smith just looks done. Nick Luchey got some time at RB which surprised me, and Phil Simms got excited and compared him to Jerome Bettis. Luchey is still over 260 lbs. and just doesn't move that well like an Ahman Green, but he did have a nice touchdown run showing quick feet to the hole and he might become the short yardage back and take away valuable fantasy football TDs from Green. Jamal Reynolds is showing a nice speed rush to the QB but he can't stop the run. James Jackson got Cleveland's biggest rush of the second half through the whole vacated by Reynolds. Craig Nall has not impressed me this preseason, mostly because he is holding the ball too long against second team rushers. He isn't ready to be the #2 guy. Marques Anderson is still in the game which is proof he has completely lost the starting job to Antuan Edwards; no other projected starters are still in the game. I've liked Edwards when I have seen him play in past seasons, once he got a couple games under his belt each year, which was easier said then done due to his frequent injuries, and I don't have any problem with him starting as long as a reliable backup, Anderson, is on the roster too for the inevitable Edwards injury protection. Anderson was in the game and took a bad angle on a short yardage screen pass, allowing a touchdown (that wasn't a touchdown because Cleveland's RB stepped out of bounds but it still counts). Packers 31, Browns 28.

Fourth Quarter: Jamal Reynolds still can't stop the run. This was Akili Smith's quarter. He was playing against a bunch of guys that probably won't make Cleveland's roster, but he looked good. Much better than I expected. He probably doesn't know the offense, he missed all the mini camps, but he showed me that he can play, and the Packers probably have themselves a future starting QB. His feet looked good, his passes looked sharp with strong throws but with a light touch. He is still a work in progress, but he should be #3 this year and #2 next year if he keeps this up. Chris Johnson looks promising at cornerback, he got flagged for interference but he just got his right hand into the receiver's body which he will learn to avoid doing with more experience. Packers 38, Browns 31.

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