Tuesday, March 02, 2004

A couple of interesting signings by the Packers in the last week.

First was the resigning of restricted free agent safety Corey Fuller. Although he probably is not the Packers first choice to start alongside Darren Sharper, its possible he could be the starting strong safety, so he is someone to watch. However, Fuller might have to compete for his roster spot as backup safety candidate Eric Crouch (could the Packers please cut Crouch and just end this soap opera?).

Second was the hiring of Lindy Infante-era Center James Campen as an assistant offensive line coach. Campen hasn't been on the roster for over 10 years but only two other players, Frank Winters and Mike Flanagan, have been the starting center since Campen played. Not that I'd expect Campen to suit up anytime soon, but its just amazing how little turnover there was at the position and how well Winters played for so many years.

Third was the promotion of Joe Philbin as tight ends coach. The Packers made some noise after the late collapse in Philadelphia by firing the defensive coordinator and tight ends coach, only to fill both positions from internal promotion. These two men might have been the best possible candidates for the job, but they generated zero excitement for the upcoming season. Although with an approximately two millenium long season ticket waiting list, the Packers aren't too concerned with creating some offseason buzz for the season ticket holders.

Fourth is the hiring of Vince Tobin. Tobin hasn't coached in the NFL since 2001, but if that was enough to disqualify him then Washington's hiring of Joe Gibbs was the worst move of the offseason. Tobin knows what good defenses look like, not necessarily from his time with Arizona in the 1990s or with Detroit in 2001, but from his days as a member of Chicago's defensive coaching staff in the 1980s. Tobin's assistance could potentially be very important for the 2004 season and I'm really excited to see the Packers bring someone like him into the coaching team.

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