Wednesday, March 17, 2004

It sounds like these last two years have not been the greatest times in the life of Joe Johnson. Season ending injuries in two consecutive years, charges of marijuana possession, and now his father has passed away. I don't know if the Packers still consider him an important part of the 2004 team, but hopefully this is his low point and everything goes better for him from here on out.

What about the Packers signing ex-Tampa Bay strong safety John Lynch? He would be a very interesting signing, but he would be very expensive and would strain the salary cap. I have not read anywhere that the Packers are interested in him, but he has the skill set as a strong safety that would help the Packers. At this stage in Lynch's career, there are probably a number of veteran secondary players who could play at the same level as Lynch if given an opportunity, but the advantage with Lynch is that you know what to expect. Hopefully Lynch is a possible addition that the Packers will consider.

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