Saturday, March 06, 2004

If the Packers don't resign Michael Hawthorne or don't acquire a new third cornerback in the next month or in the draft, Atlanta is likely to release former Packer Tyrone Williams on June 1. Williams was not a great player, and blew his punt coverage responsiblities during the 2002 playoff game vs. Atlanta which led to an Eric Metcalf fumble, but he could be the third cornerback for the Packers in 2004.

Although Williams was a useful cornerback for the Packers, Atlanta gave him a $3 million signing bonus for one year of disappointing play. Now Atlanta is blowing up its entire secondary, releasing all of the players likely to stay out of jail, and took the first step by signing former San Francisco corner Jason Webster to a 6 year deal with a $7 million signing bonus. The NY Jets signed a cornerback David Barrett to a 6 year deal with a $4.5 million signing bonus plus a $1 million roster bonus probably due next March. I had never even heard of Barrett before he signed this weekend, apparently he played with Arizona for the last 4 seasons. The more I read about deals like these, the high priced signings of second tier players and their release in subsequent seasons, the more I'm convinced the big early spenders on other teams free agents are the ones unlikely to succeed in the NFL.

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