Sunday, August 21, 2005

Packers 7, Buffalo 27. I didn't watch the game so I don't have much to comment on. I watched Buffalo during their scrimmage with the Packers a couple of weeks ago and I was very impressed with their defense and their depth at defense. The Packers' backups really struggled against Buffalo's backups, so it was not surprising that they lost a preseason game played mostly by backups. It was good to see the first team offense score (QB Brett Favre TD pass to RB Ahman Green) against their great defense. But it looks like Buffalo was able to run all game against the Packers and kept their offense on the field a long time, which probably means that the Packers poor run defense is still poor, and no one is stepping up on the defensive line or at linebacker while LB Na'il Diggs and NT Grady Jackson are out.

QB Aaron Rodgers probably didn't look good again because his stat line sure didn't look good. But he shouldn't be very good as a rookie (very few rookies are good in the NFL), plus he is playing with all backups who haven't played together for very long. Overall, he shouldn't look very good right now. Hopefully he looks good fundamentally and the rest will come with practice and experience.

I did watch part of Minnesota's preseason game this weekend. Minnesota made many mistakes and lost a game they could have won. It has been the biggest problem of Minnesota in recent seasons; they look great on paper but it doesn't translate into a dominant team. The rest of the NFC North is struggling; Detroit lost to a very weak Cleveland team at home and Chicago has its usually soap opera of quarterback problems. All this means if the Packers can maintain their great offense and the defense can rebound back to its 2002 and 2003 performance level, then the Packers should be the favorites to repeat as NFC North champs.

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