Monday, August 01, 2005

Unsurprisingly, WR Javon Walker reported to training camp. Someone on ESPN was talking about how Walker had to report because Walker got on the bad side of QB Brett Favre and had to report otherwise Packer fans would turn on Walker. Walker had to report because the Packers weren't offering a new contract, they could start collecting fines from Walker, and Walker could never actually miss the season because then he would be another year away from a big contract. It is good to see Walker report right on time and deliver the inevitable resolution (Walker in camp with the same contract) sooner rather than later.

NT Grady Jackson threatens a holdout for a new contract, but when he does report to camp he flunks his physical? It was some serious nerve on Jackson's part to threaten a holdout when his knee is still injured. If the Packers had actually fallen for it, they would have been the joke of the NFL.

It is surprising to see QB Aaron Rodgers signed so soon. I thought he would ask for money comparable to QB Alex Smith, since Rodgers and Smith were seen as pick 1A and 1B for so long during this offseason. Smith received approximately $24 million in guaranteed money, which is appropriate for a quarterback picked first overall, and Rodgers's approximately $5.4 million guaranteed is appropriate for a late first round QB. If Smith and Rodgers really were 1A and 1B, then is more proof what a great value pick Rodgers was for the Packers. Rodgers could not afford to lose his first training camp in a holdout; it would have held back his development for the rest of his career.

TE Bubba Franks is sorely missed, apparently. The Packers are right in holding a hard line with Franks. His best skill is in run blocking and quality run blocking tight ends are floating all over the NFL. The unique skill Franks has is his pass catching ability, but that skill has been more promise than production. Franks hasn't produced anything like a top catching tight end; such as TE Antonio Gates or TE Tony Gonzalez. Franks catches a lot of touchdowns, but does anyone think that has more to do with Franks than Favre? The big advantage for Franks in negotiations is that the Packers roster has no other tight ends capable of starting 16 games this season.

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