Sunday, August 14, 2005

S Arturo Freeman was cut after the preseason game against San Diego. Freeman didn't play in the scrimmage or San Diego game until late and played behind S Earl Little. It probably didn't help him at all when he committed a penalty in the San Diego game and that he has been playing through an injury to his right hand. The announcers always gave Freeman a little more credit than the other defensive players because he is the only player who played for defensive coordinator Jim Bates in Miami last season. But the Packers have brought in a number of safeties this season; Freeman, Little, 2nd round pick S Nick Collins and 4th round pick S Marviel Underwood. Freeman probably had the inside track coming into training camp at the starting safety spot alongside S Mark Roman, but for whatever reason, it didn't work out for him. The Packers didn't sign him to a big free agent contract this offseason, so the Packers don't have a financial incentive to give Freeman any second chances.

There is talk of trading WR Robert Ferguson? To rival Philadelphia? Ferguson has not been huge success in his career with the Packers, but his stats are generally what a team should expect from their 3rd wide receiver. If Ferguson is traded, behind WR Donald Driver and Javon Walker is only Antonio Chatman, Terrence Murphy (who hasn't yet recovered from a hip injury) and a bunch of guys I don't want to see on the field during the regular season. The Packers were in a major bind during last season's playoffs when Walker was injured. For most of the game, QB Brett Favre's only receivers were Driver, Chatman, and the Packers practice squad in the form of WR Andrea Thurman. Thurman's lack of time with the team caused at least one of Favre's interceptions in the game. This preseason, Thurman hasn't been too impressive and neither have any of the other young receivers. Any insight Ferguson would bring to Philadelphia about the Packers offense would be minimal; Philadelphia's Andy Reid knows how it works from first hand experience and Philadelphia managed to completely shut down the Packers in 2004 anyway. suggested Philadelphia might offer a 2005 4th round pick for Ferguson. Although, Ferguson has been disappointing as a Packer, if Driver or Walker is injured, the Packers depth is suspect or very inexperienced behind Ferguson and Chatman. Ferguson isn't worth a 1st round pick, but even if Philadelphia would trade it, Ferguson is more valuable as a Packer right now than a 1st round pick is worth next season. Ferguson can't be replaced so close to the start of the 2005 season if the Packers have an injury to Driver or Walker. Added concern; Walker is in a similar contract situation/dispute with Green Bay as WR Terrell Owens is with Philadelphia and both players are represented by Drew Rosenhaus. Walker appears ready to play, unlike Owens, but who knows?

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