Saturday, October 08, 2005

The week of bad injury news continues. Now LB Na'il Diggs is out and rookie LB Roy Manning will start in his place. LB Paris Lenon has struggled badly at times, but he has been the Packers best linebacker in coverage. That is something the Packers could really use on defense. Manning is a bigger linebacker. He will play over the tight end and LB Robert Thomas will play in coverage. Thomas hasn't looked good in coverage at all this season. Diggs hasn't played well the last two seasons because of injuries, but before his injuries Diggs was solid in pass coverage and run defense. Diggs has been missed over the last two seasons and neither Thomas, Manning, or Lenon has shown the ability to replace him.

It might have been big news that RB Ahman Green is out with a knee injury and RB Najeh Davenport will start, but Green hasn't been very effective this season. Part of the blame falls on the coaches, part of it on a new offensive line, but it might be that 2003 was just a career year and this is really all that can be expected from Green. Davenport hasn't shown much this season, his botched kickoff return last week led directly to the season ending spinal injury of WR Terrence Murphy, but he should be able to replace what Green has provided so far this season.

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