Friday, October 14, 2005

Wow. It didn't really interested me that the Packers are looking at ex-Cleveland WR Andre Davis or thinking about resigning RB Walter Williams. Neither player would bring anything to the Packers that RB ReShard Lee or a wide receiver on the practice squad couldn't do. What really caught my attention was that last week, RT Mark Tauscher was called for the first holding penalty in his entire 6 year NFL career. It is unbelievable that Tauscher is such a solid technical player that he has never committed an obvious holding penalty. It is the NFL and offensive lineman hold all the time, but Tauscher has never held enough to commit a penalty.

The ironic thing is that Tauscher is right; the referee called the penalty on the wrong player. On the replay, Tauscher didn't do anything that looked like a holding penalty, but RG Will Whitticker put a WWF move on the player he was blocking. The holding penalty clearly should have been called on Whitticker. The official record shows Tauscher has committed one holding penalty, but the unofficial record still notes that Tauscher has never been called for holding in his NFL career.

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