Saturday, February 03, 2007

Do players make the Pro Bowl after a good season, or do Pro Bowl players make it a good season? After having no Pro Bowl players in 2005, the Packers have two in 2006; WR Donald Driver and DE Aaron Kampman. If you look at the list of past Pro Bowl selections from the Packers, there are some players that probably made it because the Packers had a good season. TE Bubba Franks made it in 2003 because he had made it the previous two seasons and the NFC was not loaded with great tight ends. G Marco Rivera had some struggles in 2004, but still was selected to the Pro Bowl. However, both Driver and Kampman really earned their spots in 2006. Driver should have been shut down by opposing defenses by mid-season once it was obvious that QB Brett Favre didn't have any other receiving threat on the team. Meanwhile Kampman continues to improve each season. In 2004 and 2005, he was usually solid and had a big game two or three times per season. But in 2006, he had a big game every week, except for two or three times when he didn't make an impact.


Jason said...

Here's a blog post for you to consider making:

What is a true Packer fan to do when the Bears are in the Super Bowl? I personally will be cheering for the Colts because the thought of Chicago being the Super Bowl champs makes me cringe. What do you think?

Brandon said...

I was rooting for Chicago, but I avoided watching much of the game because I couldn't stand to watch Peyton Manning win a Super Bowl. He's a great player, but I just don't like the guy. At least if the Bears had won, then the last team that beat them last season would have been the Packers.