Tuesday, October 23, 2012

He's A Great Kicker When He's Not Missing Field Goals

I hadn't been thinking much about K Mason Crosby this season, except that some other teams are getting better results from rookie kickers (Vikings K Blair Walsh and Ravens K Justin Tucker) for a fraction of the price. Maybe the $1.6 million they're paying him in 2012 could be better spent elsewhere. So I was surprised to see this article:
Not really. Football Outsiders gives the Packers a negative ranking on field goals and extra points in 2012, which isn't good under any circumstances. I'm not expecting a high success rate on field goal attempts of longer than 50 yards, but his long misses against the Colts from 51 yards, and his 58 yard miss against the Rams, weren't even in the same zip code. Those two misses were arguably the worst attempts of his NFL career.

I don't want to see the Packers find a new kicker mid-season because the replacement isn't likely to be a good player and Crosby's not that bad, but that doesn't mean I'm making a strong defense for him either.

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