Monday, October 22, 2012

Packers Defeat Rams For Their Second In A Row, 30-20

It wasn't a dominant win, but I wasn't expecting one against an improved Rams team (who had previously been unbeaten at home and has more talent on defense this season). It was very good to see QB Aaron Rodgers have his second dominant game. Whatever rust he seemed to have at the start of the season is now gone.

Another week, another failure by the offensive line. It's hard to place blame because a new problem seems to develop every week. I want to re-watch the game on the coaches film before I really assign blame. LG T.J. Lang looked like an obvious suspect, but I'm a suspicious of C Jeff Saturday.

The defense gave me 2011 flashbacks as they struggled to tackle and were killed in the middle of the field (that huge catch-and-run on a crossing route sticks out). I'd like to see improvement in both areas next week, but it might not be a big test when they face the Jaguars.

I watched the second-half of the Jaguars game against the Raiders, after QB Blaine Gabbert was injured and QB Chad Henne replaced him, and that is one bad Jaguars offense with Henne. It wasn't all Henne's fault because he didn't practice with the first team offense all week, his offensive line completely vanished from time-to-time, and their most productive receiver (Cecil Shorts) fumbled away the game in OT. They also lost RB Maurice Jones-Drew early in this game and he was standing around on crutches in the second half. It was a bad offense before with Gabbert and MJD, and they might be limping into Lambeau next week in even worse shape.

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