Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lawrence Guy Signs With The Colts: Ross and Vanderlin On The Practice Squad

The Green Bay Packers added a couple players to the practice squad after DE Lawrence Guy signed with the Colts and after they promoted OL Greg Van Roten to the 53-man roster last week.
Guy was a 7th round draft choice in 2011 who never made a big impression. He had the size to be a good 3-4 DE for the Packers and it seemed like he came from Arizona State as a bit of an underachiever. He certainly didn't overachieve for the Packers. He's been a good fit for the practice squad, someone with the size to play inside or outside for the scout team, but I didn't expect him to have a future with the Packers.

DE Drew Vanderlin's name was familiar since the Packers gave him a tryout in May. I'm not sure this move was motivated as much by Vanderlin's ability as his availability. With Guy's departure before practice starts this week, they probably needed someone right now for the scout team. It's probably a sign that NT B.J. Raji isn't ready to return to practice, so they were down two lineman before signing Vanderlin.

I'm sure QB Aaron Rodgers is excited to see another Cal alum on the roster, but it looks like WR Jeremy Ross was signed just to fill out the practice squad. He was undrafted in 2011 and he's been released by the Patriots and the Colts since then. He's got 4.4 speed but he doesn't appear to have been much of a receiver at Cal; he was at his best in college as a punt returner. Unfortunately for Ross, there's usually a bunch of guys with his skill set looking for NFL jobs.

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