Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lacy Won't Change Running Style in 2014

During much of his 2013 Rookie of the Year campaign, Packers RB Eddie Lacy got every last inch out of every play. 

The ex-Alabama star, who suffered a concussion early in the season, was easily one of the most aggressive runners in the league, drastically improving the team's offense during Aaron Rodgers' absence. 

Still, all that effort did come with a cost, as Lacy ended up having to rest his body for multiple weeks this summer.

Despite that, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports, Lacy won't change his running style in 2014, something that, while risky, is probably good for us fans.

Yes, #27 could still get hurt, but considering that nothing serious happened to him late last year there doesn't seem to be a reason for him to alter anything, something that's obviously rewarding if it works out.

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Brandon said...

He's going to take a pounding in his NFL career. He's going to have to manage it as best as he can.