Sunday, June 15, 2014

Packers Tight Ends Ready to Move On From Finley

As of now, it's unknown whether or not Jermichael Finley will play another game with the Packers. 

The veteran TE, currently an Unrestricted Free Agent, could sign with any team in the upcoming months, making the fact that the Pack have left his locker alone a little strange.

Still, the Tight Ends the team knows will be on the roster come August are ready to move on from Finley, something sophomore Jake Stoneburner recently revealed to the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel.

No, Stoneburner didn't hate on #88, although he did say the team is beginning to acknowledge what could happen: Finley's departure. 

In other words, a turning point seems to have been reached this offseason, as the problem now shifts from Finley's injury to his future team.

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