Sunday, June 08, 2014

Nelson "Doesn't Want to Go Anywhere" After Contract Year

Following each of the last two seasons, a starting Packers WR has left in Free Agency.

Last year, Greg Jennings moved over to the Vikings, while James Jones switched conferences by joining the Oakland Raiders this spring.

Despite that recurring trend, Jordy Nelson apparently doesn't want to leave despite the possibility of making more, telling the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that he "doesn't want to go anywhere" after 2014.

Nelson, currently the Pack's oldest receiver at 29, has been with Green Bay all six seasons of his career, helping the team win 3 Division Titles and a Super Bowl during that time. 

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Brandon said...

I'm not sure about Jordy coming back in 2015. I'd like to see his contract extended, but he'll be at about the same age and point in his career next March that Greg Jennings was at back in 2013 when he signed with the Vikings. The Packers might not be willing to meet his demands, just as they weren't willing to match the Vikings for Jennings.