Monday, July 21, 2014

Favre Not Worried About Possible Booing

Former Packers QB Brett Favre isn't worried about possibly being booed when he returns to Lambeau Field. 

In a recent interview with Chicago's ESPN 1000, Favre was quoted saying that he's "aware that you can't please everyone," before also claiming that true Green Bay fans don't care that he played for other teams.

Earlier this offseason, Pack President Mark Murphy announced that the club won't retire his number in 2014 due to fear of fan negativity, something that, while understandable, doesn't seem to justify delaying the event.

Yes, some people still hold grudges against Favre for the time he spent with the Vikings, although the fact that he did play 16 years for the Packers prior to that has got to be considered, as a bad ending doesn't always ruin a good story.

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