Thursday, July 17, 2014

Packers Want Lacy to Get "More Touches" in 2014

The Packers want sophomore RB Eddie Lacy to get "more touches" during the upcoming season, team Offensive Coordinator Tom Clements recently told

Apparently, the Pack want Lacy, their number one rusher in a group that also includes James Starks and Dajuan Harris, to be involved in all aspects of the contest, something that'd likely necessitate him being on the field more often for third down plays.

If that was to become the case, it's tough to know what would happen to Starks and Harris, although if the change did end up working out you probably couldn't dislike it, as a ground game can obviously never get too good.

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Brandon said...

I don't know if I want him more involved next season. He had 284 carries in 2013, well below the danger level of 370, but as long as James Starks or whoever else is effective when Lacy's out of the game, they should rest him when they can. I think the coaches know that and this is really Lacy stating that he doesn't want anything to hold him back.