Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Washington Post: Rodgers-Nelson Best QB-WR Duo in NFL

In an article published earlier today, the Washington Post's Neil Greenberg made an interesting argument for why the Packers QB-WR duo of Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson is the best in the NFL.

"Since 2011, Aaron Rodgers has thrown to Jordy Nelson 224 times and has completed 158 of those passes (70.5 percent)," Greenberg wrote. "They have produced 2,683 yards, 26 touchdowns, three interceptions for a passer rating of 143.9. Plus, they have needed eight yards on average for the first down and have moved the chains 51.3 percent of the time."

To us Green Bay fans, this isn't exactly news, but the fact that other people are finally waking up to their teams' inferiority is still kind of cool, isn't it?

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