Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I read on-line as much as I could find about the Packers mini-camp last week and I liked what I didn't read; no injuries and no big stories. Any injuries or big stories involving competition or controversy at any position tells me that the Packers offseason planning didn't work out. There were a lot of stories about guys who need to prove themselves or who are determined to do better this year like Eric Crouch, Torrence Marshall, Robert Ferguson, Antoine Edwards, David Martin and Buewoh Jue. If any of those players can contribute as a starter or as a valuable backup/special teamer it is just a bonus. Ferguson might be expected to start but I was really impressed with Javon Walker in the playoff loss and I am thinking he will be the starter opposite Donald Driver. The Packers are auditioning a bunch of guys for kickoff and punt returns but every NFL team neglected special teams in one way or another this offseason so I don't think that puts the Packers at a disadvantage.

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