Monday, June 23, 2003

The Packers ears perked up when the Tennessee Titans released middle linebacker Randall Godfrey. If somebody wants to write a book about salary cap jail, then it might be good to look at the Titans as Exhibit A. The Titans haven't had a well known cap purge like the Baltimore Ravens, but the Titans have been mortgaging their future for a few years now. The last couple of seasons the Titans kept making cap room by extending contracts, however, I read that they had finally decided to stop that practice because its unlikely that Steve McNair and others will be playing in 2015 or whenever their contracts had been extended out to. Unfortunately they are trying to keep an AFC Championship Game team together and create cap room in ways other than extending contracts out into future years. Godfrey had already reduced his cap figure in 2003 back in February but the Titans still need to sign their starting center (Gennaro DiNapoli) and punter (Craig Hentrich) and all their draft choices so they apparently felt that cutting Godfrey was the least painful way of making it happen. I just wrote out this long winded explaination to explain why and how a quality linebacker like Godfrey could possibly become available this close to the start of the season. The Titans players are in open revolt over his release as proof that he is a quality person to have on a team. And he is a quality football player; not Ray Lewis good but pro-bowl worthy. Although he does have some blemishes; he is on the wrong side of 30, he has had problems staying healthy the last couple of seasons, and he used to be a Cowboy. As long as his signing would not put the Packers in future salary cap jail, his signing would answer the Packers question on defense and give the Packers a lot of talent and confidence in its defense for the start of the season.

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