Tuesday, June 10, 2003

It was good to read the Mark Tauscher is proceeding without any setbacks from his rehab.

I am still not quite sure what the Packers are doing with Lamar Smith in camp. Najah Davenport and Tony Parker seemed to be capable NFL backups based on last year. My best guess is that Smith is hanging around for the inevitable Davenport injury.

I have read some speculation that the Packers might sign Akili Smith. I am hoping they don't sign him. Watching clips of Akili Smith last year it looked to me like Smith has bad mechanics and has probably regressed since his college days under the Bungles tutilage. The Packers already have two project QBs in Eric Crouch and Craig Nall. They could sign Smith and cut Crouch but both guys seem like massive projects at this point and it is just a crap shoot if either guy could actually start in the NFL someday. I would pick Crouch over Smith at this point since Crouch has been around for two mini-camps already and Crouch might be the Packers punt returner.

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