Monday, June 02, 2003

Today is the start of another mini-camp for the Packers. I believe it was during mini-camp last year that the Packers discovered that Torrence Marshall can't start at linebacker in the NFL so this mini-camp is important to find out if Nick Barnett can start in the NFL. Unfortunately he can't participate because classes are still in session at his college. This is a big mini-camp for projected strong safety Marques Anderson who the Packers have soured on as evidenced by their pursuit of Jason Sehorn and Sammy Knight. If he doesn't progress as the team would like, I wouldn't be surprised to hear the Packers persuing a free agent strong safety, but I haven't heard any names yet.

The biggest news last week was that Joe Johnson probably won't be suspended by the NFL although he was caught with possession of marijuana last month. Aaron Kampman is a nice player, but he isn't as good as the two time Pro Bowler.

And last week and had stories about how Najeh Davenport is the backup to Ahman Green this year, so the Packers sign Lamar Smith. I wouldn't think Smith's 3.5 yards/carry in 2002 for Carolina will help the Packers in 2003 but In Mike We Trust (IMWT). Personally Lamar Smith gives me a Chuck Webb flashback. If a team as down as Carolina (or in Webb's case Tampa Bay in 1991) gives up on a player maybe the Packers should give up on him too.

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