Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NFL Teams Don't Go Wild: Jarrett Bush Returns To Green Bay To Play Special Teams

I cringe every time CB Jarrett Bush takes the field on defense for the Green Bay Packers. But on special teams, it's another story. He used to be called for too many penalties on kick coverage, but it's rarely a problem anymore. Instead, he's become the special teams captain and he occasionally pins the ball near the goal line in punt coverage.

So it's not a terrible thing that the Packers have re-signed him for another three-years. It was almost inevitable: his coaches love him. I'm just always afraid they'll think he's a good cornerback and play him on defense. He's only to be used on special teams, and in case of an emergency (if Charles Woodson is hurt). The three-year deal is supposedly better than his previous three-year contract ($4.5 million, $1 million guaranteed) but I doubt it's better than the three-year, $4.2 million contract the Bears gave to Eric Weems. That contract seems to be the going rate for a top special teams performer. Maybe it has more guaranteed money (Weems got $1.5 million) than Bush received the last time.

I'm not surprised he visited with the Jets and Cardinals because it's his right to see if some cornerback needy team would actually go insane and think he can play in the nickel, or even (shudder) start. His agent said that Bush would have only left the Packers for starter's money, so it's obvious no NFL team has lost their collective mind.

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