Monday, March 19, 2012

Packers 2012 Free Agency: Wells Leaves, Then Flynn. Who Will The Packers Sign?

Scott Wells to the Rams. Here's my previous post. I expect the Packers will look for his replacement in the draft, and they'll only with a veteran if they can find someone who's good and won't cost a lot. The last time the center position was unsettled, after Wells struggled with injuries in 2008 and Jason Spitz appeared to be ready to take over, they signed Duke Preston from the Bills. Preston was released before the 2009 preseason ended.

Matt Flynn to the Seahawks. Everyone knew he was gone, and the Seahawks had long been rumored as a possible destination, but the Dolphins didn't really put up a fight with a low ball offer. It looks like their owner still believes he's in the hunt for Peyton Manning, and he doesn't want to settle for Flynn. And Flynn picked up on that. Now the Dolphins will end up missing out on Manning, and maybe they'll get desperate and sign Alex Smith. I guess they'll always have Matt Moore. And there's no way the Seahawks should be choosing Tarvaris Jackson over Flynn.

DE Kendall Langford to the Rams for way too much money. $12 million guaranteed? I'm not even sure why the Packers showed interest in a guy with no sacks and 1 QB hit in 2011. He reminds me of another player the Packers showed some interest in back when they were made the switch to a 3-4 defense and needed a DE: Igor Olskansky. For $8 million guaranteed, he lasted two seasons with the Cowboys and gave them 1.5 sacks.

The Packers show some faint interest in Kamerion Wimbley. He'd be a slight upgrade at outside LB, but he's not that much better then Erik Walden. And I'm not a big fan of Walden. The Packers probably made contact with his agent so he knew about their interest, just in case the free agent market turns out to be tepid. However, Wimbley should have no problem finding someone to pay him $10 million per season. It just won't be the Packers.

It's no surprise to see the Packers lose their players who were unsigned at the start of free agency, and then only show mild interest in a couple of other free agents who were/are certain to sign with other teams. To have done otherwise might have messed up their long-term salary cap and ability to re-sign their best young players, so while it's disappointing now, their patience should be rewarded.

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