Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tim Tebow Won't Be Traded To The Packers

Tim Tebow is headed to the Jets. The Jets gave up a 4th round pick (with a swap of a 6th rounder for a 7th rounder) which is certainly more than the Packers were probably offering (rumored to be only a 7th round pick). I'm not a fan of his, and he seemed like a poor fit in Green Bay due to his Florida ties and unconventional skills, but a young, healthy, backup quarterback with starting experience is certainly worth a 7th round pick. And I'm not surprised another team offered more.

And now Jets fans have to live through another roller coaster season with a very popular backup quarterback sitting behind a pretty unpopular starting quarterback. Except to hear calls for Tebow after every failed third down conversion by Mark Sanchez.

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