Thursday, March 29, 2012

Run Defense: Grading Desmond Bishop

Pro Football Focus grades out linebackers in run defense, and Green Bay Packers LB Desmond Bishop grades out as the best by tackles. Then they change the measurement by looking at Run Stop Percentage instead of tackles, and it turns out he's only one of the best. But there are some other factors that make this analysis complicated.

What isn't complicated is that there's no mention of A.J. Hawk. That's no surprise since he wasn't very good last year. I'd be stunned if the Packers replaced him next season, but he won't last much longer if he doesn't turn it around in 2012.

Back to Desmond Bishop. While he rarely came off the field, except for a couple games when he was hurt, he had the fewest run snaps of nearly every linebacker mentioned by Pro Football Focus. Teams didn't run the ball a lot against the Packers, so Bishop doesn't have as many stops. He wasn't often (maybe never) in a situation where his opponent was obviously trying to run out the clock last season.

Also, Bishop was asked to play run defense on a team that played in the nickel on about 75% of their snaps. Many times, there wasn't a defensive lineman in front of him to occupy the offensive linemen, and he certainly had to fight through many blocks to make plays.

He's a good inside linebacker and nothing here that really changes my thoughts on him. He grades out well statistically, even with a couple of factors working against him in their defensive scheme.


NorthStarr said...

Apparently, this

"Also, Bishop was asked to play run defense on a team that played in the nickel on about 75% of their snap"

should change in 2012, since Coach Mac has said that he wants (intends?) to use more base 3-4 this season.

BirdDogUni said...

The whole defense was less than it should've been last year... Think it all begins with the D line... We shore up the D line, get a pass rushing demon at ROLB, and our secondary and LB's look a whole lot better! Can't wait of the draft. Expect the defense to make some stops next year, and expect the offense to make opposing D's tremble!!

Go Pack Go!

Stroh said...

I think Bishop is among the 19 best ILB in the game. Thats a kid that waited his turn and when he got it he made the most of it!

Don't see too much wrong w/ the DB's assuming Collins can return. Even if he can't the D can pick up the slack w/ better pass rush. Get us another OLB to put the heat on the QB and a DL to help tie up blockeers and we'll be top 10 D again, IMO.

Stroh said...

Dammit... Oh wait can I say that on APC anymore?! LOL

10 best, not 19 best!

BirdDogUni said...

I watched the '09 Dallas/Green Bay Game that Stroh linked... And I'd forgotten how dominating Nick Barnett could be... It made me realize just how mediocre our ILB's are... Bishop is good, yet not a force IMO... Hawk... Well he was almost nonexistent in the '09 Dallas/GB game, like he was much of last year... It almost makes me want to see TT draft Donte Hightower if he's available... : )

Brandon said...

As much as I like Bishop, he's good in a Bernardo Harris/George Koonce way. He's a good starter who can make some plays, but I don't want to get carried away with compliments.

I was talking with one of the Football Outsiders guys a year ago, and his opinion was that Bishop was a good linebacker for the Packers system. Sort of like a cover-2 CB who isn't necessarily a good CB for just any team.

And I hope next year is the last one with "A.J. Hawk, Starting Linebacker" He redeemed himself with a solid 2010 season, but in 2011 he just looked like the same guy who disappointed me throughout 2008-2009.