Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cedric Benson Is Talking To Another Doctor

Bob McGinn reported that Green Bay Packers' RB Cedric Benson may need foot surgery, and he's still not ready to practice, though he's eligible to return.

While I'm not his biggest fan, he's not a big play threat and he fumbles too much, there's no denying his success this season.
He's got a low bar to clear, neither RB Alex Green or RB James Starks has done much this season, but his hard running style is probably the best fit for the Packers' offense because their offensive line isn't good at opening rushing lanes. They need a back who can muscle his way for a couple yards even when there's nowhere to go.

Starks did a solid impersonation of Benson's style last week against the Lions, so I'm not surprised he's regained the starting job. While he won't give them a dynamic rushing attack, he'll be dangerous enough to make defenses bite on play action, and that'll be good enough.


Stroh said...

I heard Benson might need surgery too... Really unfortunate if true! We could really use his ability to make positive yardage out of poorly blocked plays. He rarely if ever loses yardage, even when the blocking isn't what it should be. Green IMO, has the most talent of the group, but he is Far too inconsistent right now and seemed to lose yards even when the blocking was decent. He needs to learn to be more patient and pick his holes alot better. Same goes for Starks to a lesser extent, except that Starks is better at making something when its not blocked.

Benson is clearly the best for the Packers right now tho. Teams have to honor him and account for him in a way that Starks and Green do not!

Brandon said...

Reluctantly I have to agree with you about Cedric Benson. I just wish the Packers had a better option or had a better run blocking offensive line. Benson is better at getting something out of nothing than Green or Starks.