Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brett Favre to appear on NFL Network's Super Bowl pre-game show

Former Packers QB Brett Favre will join NFL Network's Super Bowl pre-game show coverage on Sunday.

The Network's pre-game will last 8.5 hours and begin at 8:00 am CT. When Favre goes on, he will be talking about his thoughts on the 2012 season, the Super Bowl matchup and his life away from the field.

The Super Bowl this year will be at the same site as it was in 1997, the year Favre won his only career title.


Brandon said...

I'm not too surprised to see Favre this year since the Super Bowl is so close to his home. I'm curious whether he'll be any good, but the NFL Network seems to invite any and all former players on their network.

NorthStarr said...

Had I watched this, it would have been strictly for curiousity's sake, as I don't watch SB pregames, or halftime shows, or, for that matter, much of the post-game stuff.
It's about the game for me, and deciding the championship.

Having said that, I seem to remember ol' Bertt trying his hand at being a color commentator for some southern small college game, and being some kind of awful.
IIRC, it was reported thathe was basically very wooden, with pretty much nothing of substance to say.