Monday, January 07, 2013

On B.J. Raji's Snap Counts This Season

Here's an interesting stat from Kevin Seifert at ESPN:
The most obvious non-injury reduction in playing time happened with nose tackle B.J. Raji. After playing more than 80 percent of the snaps last season, Raji has been on the field for 59.2 percent this season -- a significant difference of 238 snaps. He missed two games because of an ankle injury, but his snap totals would have been down even if he had played both at his regular rate.
After relying on him far too much in 2012, the Packers have seemed to learn from their mistakes.


PackFaninFl said...

That's an awesome statistic. And something I harped on last year all the time.

The Nose Tackle position is SOOO important in the 3-4. I thought many of our problems last year stemmed from BJ's lack of "push" up front. And I thought all along it was fatigue.

After winning the SuperBowl in 2010 and having played 20 some odd games that year, for the Pack to come back the following year and play Raji as much as they did was borderline criminal.

I get ticked just thinking about it!

Brandon said...

I remember a couple games in the middle of last season when Raji looked completely gassed, and then he wasn't a factor down the stretch of last season.

He hasn't been dominant in 2012, but he showed up strong in their first playoff game. Hopefully he keeps it up throughout their playoff run.