Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Players defending Pro Bowl after NFC blowout win

After a week of excessive media coverage followed by a boring blowout, some NFL all-stars are actually defending the game and saying it is a nice reward for great players who don't make the Super Bowl.

"I hope we keep it here and keep it here for a long time," Minnesota tight end Kyle Rudolph said after winning Pro Bowl MVP in a 62-35 NFC win on Sunday.

Rudolph called the award the "icing on the cake" after being named to the roster and spending a week in Hawaii.

"That was the big emphasis this week, making sure that we were competitive and I think we showed that," he said.

I don't. It was another waste of three hours. Just an excuse for the NFL to make money off ratings. If I was Roger Goodell I would cancel it. But as long as people who hate it watch it, it will be played.

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