Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Three That Need To Improve: Barclay, Williams, and Hayward

Pro Football Focus ran it's weekly re-focused game reviews of the Green Bay Packers loss to the Vikings. The first two players are no surprise, but the third one only made one mistake.

RT Don Barclay. At best, he's their third option at right tackle, so the expectations shouldn't be high, but he either needs a good week of practice or some help from a tight end on Saturday. While Mike McCarthy prefers to let his tackles work one-on-one, he's been known to give a young tackle help with a chip block. The other option is to move T.J. Lang back to right tackle, however, it's not like he's been exceptional out there either. Also, I don't think they'd want to re-shuffle the line (again) for a playoff game.

CB Tramon Williams. Dom Capers' defensive scheme often crowds the middle and makes the opposing offense look for success running off-tackle, where the defender can either make the tackle or force the defender out of bounds. The catch is that he requires his cornerbacks to tackle, and Williams had an exceptionally bad run grade last Sunday. It wasn't just one bad play. Also, he was in on the missed tackle during RB Adrian Peterson's 82 yard touchdown run back in early December at Lambeau. I don't know if he can transform into a new player in one week, but he needs to work on the fundamentals.

CB Casey Hayward. He only had a slightly negative ranking, his first PFF negative since Week 9, and it was almost entirely due to his missed coverage on the 25 yard pass play to WR Michael Jenkins on third down. If he could have defended that pass, it would have ended the Vikings' game winning field goal drive. It looked like a classic rookie mistake from a rookie corner. It was only one bad play and he'll have a chance to make up for it with a big play or two next Saturday.


PackFaninFl said...

Brandon, I feel so confident about my prediction here. I think this game is going to be a BLOWOUT. You heard it here first. The Packers are going to destroy the Vikings.

The Vikings way overplayed Adrain Peterson last week (career high in carries) and now he is going to come back to a cold, natural grass field 6 short days later? He's NOT going to have the same legs we saw. After all the carries and hits he took? Forget it.

And they needed everything to go wrong for us in many ways and many things for them to go just right. And even after that, they just eked out a win with a last second FG?

Plus, we will be healthier than before, with Cobb and Chuck.

Forget about it: Packers 37, Vikings 16.

Brandon said...

I'm hesitant to predict a blowout, but I'm thinking it could happen too.