Sunday, April 27, 2014

Packers Assistant OL Coach Joel Hilgenberg resigns

Packers Assistant OL Coach Joel Hilgenberg has resigned from his position after 3 years with the team, ESPN Wisconsin's Jason Wilde reports. Hilgenberg has been with Green Bay since the 2011 season, when he served as the club's offensive quality control coach before being promoted to Assistant OL in 2012.

As reason for his sudden leaving, Hildenberg simply said he wishes to spend more time with his family, the same thing that made LB Coach Kevin Greene walk back in January. 

“I feel that it is more important now that I have more time to spend with my wife and daughter," Hilgenberg said in a statement released by the team Friday. "I will miss all of the great people in the Packers organization that I have come to know, and I wish everyone the very best in the future.”

As of now, who exactly will replace Hilgenberg is unknown, although TE Coach Jerry Fontenot, who was a Center during his 16 year NFL career, is definitely someone to think about. That's just a possibility, but still, its happening definitely wouldn't be surprising, especially since just about everyone else on the staff (Alex Van Pelt, Winston Moss, Scott McCurley) seems to be pretty settled into their current position. 

(Quote and info courtesy of ESPN Wisconsin)

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Brandon said...

I've got no insight as to why he made this decision, but coaching isn't for everyone. Maybe coaching in Green Bay wasn't a good match for him. The Packers do seem to have a lot of assistants at the moment, I don't know why James Campen absolutely needs an assistant to coach the offensive lineman, and I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't replaced. It might be difficult to replace him now because the candidates they might have considered back in February probably have other jobs lined up.