Saturday, April 26, 2014

Packers Free Agency: Matt Flynn to make over $1 million this season

The details of Matt Flynn's new one-year deal with the Packers have been released, and really, they come with no surprises. Apparently Flynn, who went 2-2 in 4 starts last season, will make just $730,000 in base salary this year, including a $75k signing bonus, a $25k workout bonus, and a per game active roster bonus of up to $138,125.

So yea, it certainly looks like the Pack got a good deal done with this guy. He's a solid backup, (either that or he just seems better since his alternative is Scott Tolzein) but here, as with every case of free agency, you gotta make sure not to overpay too much, especially in a league with a salary cap. 

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Brandon said...

I wasn't expecting him to be paid much, but it doesn't even look like the incentives are too much. Considering a stop gap QB like Cassel or McCown or Henne cost $4 to $5 million, paying Flynn just under $1 million is very reasonable.