Sunday, February 17, 2013

Greg Jennings listed as top Free Agent WR on market

Former Packers WR Greg Jennings has been listed as the top receiver on this year's free agent market. Jennings is expected to make a lot of money after spending his first seven seasons in Green Bay.

This was reported first at, who had Jennings listed as #1. Here is the rest of their top ten:

1. Greg Jennings
2. Wes Welker
3. Dwayne Bowe
4. Mike Wallace
5. Danny Amendola
6. Brian Hartline
7. Brandon Gibson
8. Domenik Hixon
9. Randy Moss
10. Johnny Knox

In his career, Jennings has made two Pro Bowls(2010,2011), the All Rookie Team(2006), won Super Bowl XLV, and ranked the 56th best player in the league as of 2012. With those accomplishments, it's not too surprising that he is receiving this high praise.

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Brandon said...

If health wasn't a factor, I think would be the clear number one, but durability makes the next couple years a little bit of a question. The top five receivers on this list all have different strengths and could easily be placed ahead of Jennings, though Amendola might have the same durability concerns. Hartline's a good player too, but it's a stretch to come up with any reason why he's better than Jennings.

But what a drop off at the bottom. Gibson and Hixon might deserve modest multi-year deals but it's questionable whether they're good enough to start for any team. Moss still has the same age and baggage issues, and Knox recently retired.

I guess the lesson in free agency is expect to pay if you want to sign a top receiver because there are no hidden gems after the top few receivers.