Saturday, February 02, 2013

Packers missed Ray Lewis by one pick in 1996 Draft

In the spring of 1996, Ray Lewis was a middle linebacker at the University of Miami. Many teams considered him too small, the Packers not being one of them.

The Packers had the 27th pick that year, while the Ravens had the 26th. The Packers had already made their decision to draft Lewis, while the Ravens were undecided. The Ravens eventually chose Lewis, and you know the rest.

"That's what happened," Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey told Milwaukee Journal Sentinal reporter Bob McGinn. "You never know."

It's fun to think about this kind of stuff. Imagine if the Ravens didn't get him, we would've seen #52 play alongside Reggie White. And the monumental collapse that the Packers defense had in last year's playoffs wouldn't have happened if Lewis was there screaming.

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