Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NFL already making plans for bad weather at 2014 Super Bowl

This week, as you already know, the Northeast was hit by massive snowstorm. This brings up the question of, 'what will the the league do of this happens next year, the week of Super Bowl XLVIII.'

Early February is a time filled with winter weather, so it wouldn't be a surprise if NYC is hit again like this. The league is prepping by possibly delaying the game many days or, if bad weather is in the forecast, just playing it on Saturday.

"You know it will be a lot cooler, but there will be a lot of people and transportation issues regardless," said Jeff Miller, NFL vice president of security. "When you have a lot of moving parts and large crowds, you are moving on transportation systems already overloaded with daily commuters, so you've got some issues to deal with."

I have a good feeling that this experiment will go wrong. Even if the game ends up being exciting, it will be too cold. The league will go back to warmer places in the south. So, to all the Packer fans who want it at Lambeau, it probably will never happen.

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