Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Packers increase ticket prices

The Packers, despite selling out every game, will begin raising ticket prices this season.

Price increases range from an average of $2 to $5 dollars depending on it's location in Lambeau. End-zone seats will be increase from $2 to $74 dollars. Tickets from the 20-yard line to the end-zone increase from $5 to $85. Seats between the twenty-yard lines will go up from $5 to $97.

I don't understand this at all. They're a team with a waiting list lasting 30 years yet that's not enough. On the bright side for fans, the Packers may be spending the money on big free-agents.

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Brandon said...

I think of it the other way around. The Packers keep raising ticket prices and they still sell out every game, so they should charge more. Prices don't seem to keep fans away. Of course, that even worse to the fans, but I don't expect the NFL to think of the fans first.

Being realistic, I'm sure they have a lot more expenses with the stadium remodel ongoing. Yes, they'll have a lot of new season ticket holders to make money off of going forward, but they'll have some expenses up front. So I expect when the Packers release their financial statements this summer, their financial picture for last season looked a little more gloomy than past years.