Friday, March 01, 2013

Could The Packers Draft Another Late Round QB In 2013?

Kevin Seifert's article for ESPN about the quarterback position in the NFC North didn't have much to say about the Green Bay Packers, obviously they're set with QB Aaron Rodgers, and he only wrote a brief comment about a possible battle between QB Graham Harrell and QB B.J. Coleman.

I'd like to see the Packers add another quarterback with a late round pick. They shouldn't keep the same two guys just because they don't expect Rodgers to get hurt. There's no need to use a high or even a mid-round draft choice here, but they should always draft/sign at least one rookie to see if they can find the next Matt Flynn.

Looking at the cast of characters who currently carry a 7th round grade according to NFL Draft Scout, there are a couple of players who might interest the Packers if they're looking for the next B.J. Coleman (an athlete with all the physical tools to become an NFL QB):

Southern Utah QB Brad Sorensen. A big, tall pocket passer who's drawn some Joe Flacco comparisons. His arm strength might be average and his mobility is questionable, but not every quarterback runs like Aaron Rodgers. Better NFL coaching could help turn his average arm strength and accuracy into above average skills.

Vanderbilt QB Jordan Rodgers. Yep, let's get the brothers Rodgers together! He was more of a running quarterback until his senior season and the big knock on him is his "lack of elite size" (i.e. he's kinda short). His arm strength is average but the "ball zips out of his hands" which might be a credit to some coaching he's received from his well known brother. But he's got a lot of the Matt Flynn/B.J. Coleman traits you look for in a late round QB (he transferred schools, he was overlooked until his last couple seasons) combined with excellent athleticism. Even if he weren't Aaron's brother, he'd be someone worth taking a look at.

No one else I looked at seemed a good fit. There were the major college starters who can't really throw (Penn State's Matt McGloin, Kansas State's Collin Klein, Washington State's Jeff Tuel). Arizona's Matt Scott is an interesting player, but he might be too slight to survive as a starter and some team looking for the next Russell Wilson might push him up into the mid-rounds.

Of course, B.J. Coleman was an unknown to me until the Packers drafted him last April, so there might be someone lurking among the likely undrafted players that has caught their eye. Whatever they do, I hope they take a chance on someone late in the draft (or an undrafted player) to push Harrell and Coleman.

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