Thursday, March 14, 2013

$8 Million Guaranteed For Erik Walden?

When the Packers re-signed LB Erik Walden last year, he re-signed near the veteran's minimum and only counted for $537,265 against the salary cap.
And I didn't want him back at any price. That doesn't mean he's completely useless, but he's proven over the past two seasons that he's not good enough to start. LB Dezman Moses should be given the first chance to start if something happens to LB Nick Perry next season. At best, he should be a third-stringer and it would be better to try and find the next Dezman Moses for that roster spot, instead of re-signing Walden.

Still, it's not the worst signing of free agency. There's no reason to guarantee $3 million for QB Drew Stanton in the first place, but the real stinker was telling him that he'll be competing for a starting job.

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