Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Would The Packers Sign Free Agent Steven Jackson?

When I read the headline "Steven Jackson Visits Green Bay" I immediately thought that the Packers could have some interest in him. However, the actual story is not as interesting (he's in Green Bay for a speaking engagement) and it would technically be against NFL rules for the Packers to speak to him before March 12th. But as long as I've brought him up, here are some highlights:
In a lot of ways, he's a Mike McCarthy type of back with size (6-2, 240) and some speed. He can still run through defenders (and outrun them), so he could be like a better version of DJ World Peace without any of the danger to local livestock.

He was scheduled to make $7 million in 2013, but he opted out of his contract. While that could have been a sign he wants more money (who doesn't), the Rams let him opt out even though he didn't hit the triggers which gave him that right, so I'm wondering if the Rams would have released the soon to be 30 year old if he hadn't opted out. They do want him back, but they probably want him to take a pay cut.

Football Outsiders ranked him among the top 15 backs as a runner and a receiver, so he can still play. He would immediately step in as the Packers' starting running back and provide the strong runner inside the tackles that their coaches seem to prefer.

However, the Packers haven't shown much interest in paying for a veteran (RB Cedric Benson signed for the minimum last season). They have drafted Brandon Jackson (2nd round, 2007) and Alex Green (3rd round, 2011) in recent years, but overall, running back position hasn't been a big target area for GM Ted Thompson. I don't know what contract Jackson should expect to sign, but I would expect he'll sign for more somewhere else than the Packers would be willing to offer.

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