Sunday, March 17, 2013

Vikings stay busy; sign QB Matt Cassel

Well, the Minnesota Vikings just continue to add piece after piece this offseason. Now, it appears that they've signed former Chiefs QB Matt Cassel. Cassel will be used in a backup role, but still has a solid arm if they need one.

On the other hand, the Packers aren't doing anything. They showed minimal interest in Steven Jackson and Cullen Jenkins, lost Greg Jennings, and still haven't made a single notable signing this year. They may still be the best team in the North, but they can't just continue to sit back and watch all their rivals build themselves up into title contenders.

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Brandon said...

Cassel will be a better backup than Joe Webb, because it's hard to be worse, but this was the type of signing a bad organization makes. They're going to pay $3.65 million next season to a quarterback they don't want to start and has no future.

This is digressing but as I was looking at Cassel's contract at Rotoworld, he's listed right next to TE John Carlson, who they gave 5 years, $25 million last season ($9 million guaranteed). They just re-worked his contract, but all they got for their $9 million was 8 receptions. What an awful contract.