Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Christian Ponder Is Back For The Vikings

Jack wrote earlier today about QB Josh Freeman but never mind about that. Every week there must be a new starting QB for the Minnesota Vikings:
Actually this isn't great news, though QB Christian Ponder has been awful this season, because his last good game came on December 30, 2012 when the Vikings beat the Packers in Minneapolis. He probably gives the Vikings their best chance to win. I'm still not expecting the Vikings to win but he's better than Freeman.

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PackFaninFl said...


It's almost become an Onion headline every time something comes out of Minnesota these days!

I think you are right about Freeman. This might seem like an odd analogy, but I just saw the highlights and Freeman's trajectory reminds me somewhat of Rick Ankiel. Ankiel started great but then something went wrong and pitches went high and wild. Ditto Freeman. Freeman's accuracy has been abysmal in the last year and half.