Friday, October 18, 2013

Rookie CB Micah Hyde to begin returning punts for Packers

According to, Packers rookie CB Micah Hyde will become the team's full time punt
returner. In Sunday's win over the Ravens, Hyde had three quality returns of 23, 20, and 16 yards. 

Hyde, a rookie out of Iowa, has had a very minor role on the team so far this season. So this news is definitely great for him. The way I see it: punt returns are something every team can live without. But it can't hurt to have somebody be good at them. In the past, Cobb's been a solid returner, but he's obviously gone now. So hopefully, Hyde'll fill his shoes well and have a productive role on this team. 

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Brandon said...

I'm not sure I'd call it minor. By snap count, he has the 6th most snaps among defensive backs. He'll soon be passed by Burnett, who's playing on every snap now that he's healthy, but Hyde should pass Jerron McMillian because McMillian deserves a benching.

Without Randall Cobb, he's their best option and he's way better than the droptastic Jeremy Ross.