Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rodgers: "2013 may not be as flashy as some people want"

Earlier this week, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was quoted saying that the team's 2013 season may not be "as flashy" as some people want it, but that that doesn't matter to him. He stated that he all cares about is that the team is winning. 

“The overall look of it might change a little bit,” Rodgers said Tuesday during his weekly radio show on ESPN 540 Milwaukee. “It might not be as flashy as some fans might expect or want. But there’s one very, very important stat to me, and that’s winning. There’s no substitute for it, and it might be ugly at times.” 

The Packers last two games, their wins over the Lions and the Ravens, have both been pretty ugly. But they were in fact wins. If Rodgers doesn't play well and they win, I don't care. I just want them to score at least one more point than their opponent. 

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