Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rodgers explains why winning in Minnesota meant so much to him

On his weekly radio show yesterday, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers explained to the world why Sunday's win over the Vikings meant so much to him and his team. 

"It's just an important time in our season," Rodgers told reporter Jason Wilde of WAUK-AM(540). "I think being 4-2 with the Lions winning at the last second the way they did, just trying to get us back in first place. It's important to win your road division games. . . . I just had the feeling on the field that if I could just do my job, get us in good plays, get us in good checks, that we were going to win that game. I knew I had a big role."

That first sentence is really all you need to read. As I said yesterday, the Packers don't exactly have a tough schedule coming up. Even though the Vikings aren't that good, you can't deny that beating any team on the road is difficult. So Sunday's win really was huge. It kept the team in first with a bunch of easy wins ahead of them. 

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