Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kuhn Update: Packers still talking to the FB

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Tyler Dunne, the Packers are still "in talks" with Free Agent FB John Kuhn. In 7 seasons with the team, Kuhn has rushed for 488 yards and 12 TDs, which, will not great, is definitely good enough to deserve a job in my opinion. 

Anyway, Dunne's article goes on to state that Kuhn is also talking to other teams, meaning that if the Packers want this guy they gotta go get him now. That's kinda unfortunate, but if you wait for weeks to make a move on a guy then it really isn't that surprising.

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Brandon said...

His problem is that many teams don't have a full back. He's been the same, steady contributor over the past few seasons, but it doesn't look like the Packers want to overpay for a player that's not a fit for many teams. The Giants recently re-signed Henry Hynoski for only one-year and $1 million. The Packers would look at that as a comparable, and I expect Kuhn wants more.