Thursday, March 13, 2014

Reaction: "Fail Mary" Safety Jennings signs with Bears

According to The Chicago Tribune's Dan Wiederer, Free Agent Safety M.D. Jennings, who has played each of his first three NFL years with the Packers (making headlines during 2012's "Fail Mary" game against the Seahawks), has signed a one-year deal with the Chicago Bears. Last season, Jennings collected a solid 74 tackles for Green Bay, yet did not manage to intercept a single pass. 

So yea, while those 74 tackles are alright, I don't think this guy leaving will really end up mattering that much. I mean let's be honest, he was never a superstar, so why would it?

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Brandon said...

I've never thought much of him because he was never a playmaker, and I'm not going to miss him as a starter. I'm sure he'll be fine on special teams, if that's all the Bears are expecting from him.