Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's Time to Forgive the Fail Mary Ref

A story came out today that should disturb everyone who reads it: the Fail Mary ref, Lance Easley, is suffering from depression.

The cause: the infamous blown call he made.

Now I get it was an awful decision, and I'm still sure the Packers would've at least gone to the conference championship game that season had they gotten the #2 seed that'd come with one more win, but still, it's very unfortunate that news has come out. I'll admit, I wanted Easley to feel guilty about the game when it first ended, but for it to ruin his life is a whole different thing. 

So, to everyone who reads this and the earlier-linked article, let's just agree to forgive and forget. This is football, it shouldn't cause these kind of issues.

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